Seed Season Checklist

This checklist serves as a guide for using Supplier e-Link to enhance processes through the seed season. This includes various tools available in Supplier e-Link, but it is not mandatory to use each feature.

Verify GPOS reporting from last season is complete.

Run the End of Prepay Season on Bookings created from Grower Orders last seed season.

Mark the previous year’s seed products as Inactive.

Update the seed year in B2B setup.

Use Datalink to link in seed expected this year. If necessary, wait until the allocated seed list is available from the seed vendor.

Use the Electronic Price Sheet Import to update pricing for all locations.

Use AGIIS on the customer Profile to retrieve GLNs for new customers.

Import approved Sales Orders into Grower Orders.

Run the Dealer Order Reconciliation and make a note of allocated seed not on a Grower Order.

Enter a My Dealer Bucket Grower Order for the seed not already on a Grower Order.

Use the Grower to Grower Transfer function to transfer seed from the My Dealer Bucket Grower order to the specific grower as orders come in and the Bookings need created.

Use the Grower to Grower Transfer function to remove seed from a Grower Order and put it back onto the My Dealer Bucket Grower Order.

Periodically run the Grower Order Reconciliation to verify the Grower Orders in Agvance agree with the Grower Orders in the vendor’s system.

As seed is received, pull EDNs into Purchase Receipts.

As product is delivered, invoice the customer.

At the end of the seed season or, optionally, throughout the season, use the AgGateway export to export seed sales to the vendor through web services. There are other methods of reporting sales if the AgGateway export is not used.