Agvance Suite

Agvance SKY is a cloud-based system of web and mobile applications.

SKY Admin

As a Company Admin, view and edit all SKY users set up for the company as well as provide access to various features within SKY. If a Company Admin has not already been established, contact an SSI Sales Representative to begin the process.

SKY Analytics

Agvance SKY Analytics brings data to life through visualizations, charts, and graphs for easy analysis. There are currently over 100 dashboards offered in Analytics that include areas of Accounts Receivable, Admin, Agronomy, Customer, Energy, Grain, Ledger, Logistics, Mapping, Patronage, Product, and Vendor. These dashboards give the ability to gauge performance, monitor trends, and view outliers for easy comparisons.

SKY Apply

Apply provides applicators and drivers an optimized view of job assignments. Data is synced allowing Applicators to update their job status in real-time, start, edit, and complete Blend and Delivery Tickets, and access customer contact information from any Android or iOS device.

SKY Customer

Customer provides a quick view of all customer information helping make informed decisions to keep business moving forward.

SKY Dispatch

SKY Dispatch is designed to assist with the management of Delivery Tickets from Accounting, Blend Tickets from Blending, and/or Product Delivery Orders and Maintenance Work Orders from the Energy module. The program allows jobs to be assigned to an applicator, vehicle, or driver, and a job order established for the tickets to be completed. Additionally, dispatchers can visually plot jobs on a map, assisting in job scheduling and communicating the job’s location to drivers and applicators.

SKY Inform

The Inform app enables mobile staff the flexibility for communications and status updates in real time. Viewing application status and providing new updates from the field allows mobile users to stay updated and make on-the-go changes.

SKY Ledger

Ledger provides a quick view of General Ledger account information including account balances, transactions, and PDFs.

SKY Order

SKY Order allows staff to enter orders from any web browser while on-the-go. Any orders entered update the Agvance database in real-time.

SKY Vendor

Manage vendor bills and payments.

Mobile Sales

Agvance Mobile Sales is an iPad app allowing quick retrieval of customer data, the ability to view inventories, create orders and close deals faster – from anywhere.


This powerful app offers real-time access to inventory levels and customer orders.