Importing Electronic Delivery Notifications (EDNs)

EDNs may be used on both Seed and Crop Protection Products. EDNs can also be imported using the SKY Warehouse app.

The EDN Import allows Electronic Delivery Notifications to be imported into Purchase Receipts. The benefit of importing EDNs is having all product information, Lot Numbers, and quantities pulled into the Purchase Receipt instead of having to manually select and enter this information. Using EDNs will improve efficiency and accuracy of inventory. In using this web service, less data input is required, providing more accurate inventory figures. Before importing EDNs, a web service must be established with the supplier(s). Contact an SSI representative for information on establishing a web service.

  1. In Accounting / Inventory / Purchase Receipts, add a Purchase Receipt and select the appropriate supplier. 
  2. When choosing a supplier with an established web service, choose Select EDN to display the Select EDN window. 
  3. Use the Delivery Number column to search for a specific Bill of Lading number. Any EDNs previously downloaded but not saved on a Purchase Receipt are available on this list. 
  4. Select Get New EDN’s from Web to retrieve new EDNs available from the supplier. 
  5. Select the EDN to import into the Purchase Receipt. The products contained within that EDN (Bill of Lading) are loaded into the grid at the bottom of the window.
    Note: A product must be cross-referenced to be imported into the Add a Purchase Receipt window. If a cross-reference has not yet been established, double-click the Prod Name. On the Select Product from Attribute window, double-click in the blank field at the bottom of the window. From there, choose a Product from the Select a Product screen. Product may be deleted from the grid by highlighting the line number and pressing Delete on the keyboard. 
  6. Once the products on the EDN have been finalized, choose Select to load the products into the Purchase Receipt grid. At this point, additional products may be added to the Purchase Receipt. 
  7. Once the Purchase Receipt is saved, the EDN is no longer available for import into another Purchase Receipt.