SSI is excited to offer you a way to work remotely when needed as well as reduce hardware-related overhead by utilizing cloud computing. Let our team worry about the technical side while your employees can focus on the customer, wherever they may be.

Our servers in the AWS environment provides you access to SSI programs and data using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). As an additional benefit, using SSI servers will allow you access to Agvance SKY to access data from anywhere using an Internet browser.

Work Remotely

  • Remote into your server from anywhere
  • Access your files from a remote desktop connection
  • Improve your business flow no matter where you are located

Flexibility & Cost

  • Servers resized as needed
  • Simple monthly operating expense
  • No large capital expense

Disaster Recovery

  • Data backup
  • Fault-tolerant hardware
  • Always available hardware
  • Quick recovery

Server Administration & Licensing

  • SSI installs all program and Windows updates
  • 24/7 performance and infrastructure monitoring
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop
  • Microsoft SQL Server


  • Private virtual servers
  • Secure data center facility
  • Firewall services
  • Antivirus