Dealer Order Reconciliation

  1. Navigate to Accounting / Inventory / Manage Seed Orders / Dealer Order
  2. On the Select a Dealer Order window, highlight the Dealer Order to reconcile and choose Edit. The Dealer Orders window displays. 
  3. Optionally select the products on the Dealer Order screen and choose Reconcile. The Grower Orders for those products display. This will happen in order, one product at a time, if multiple products are selected.
  4. Select Include Deleted Bookings to bring back Grower Orders tied to deleted Bookings if needed.
  5. Choose Reconcile and the Reconcile to Dealer Order window displays. 
  6. Double-click in the Product Name area and choose the product to reconcile. The grid populates with all Grower Orders for that product from the selected vendor. 
  7. In the Qty on Dealer Order area, enter the quantity allocated from the vendor. The difference between the amount the growers have on order and the amount on order from the vendor displays in the Allotted Seed Left area at the bottom of the window. This is recalculated as the Adjusted Quantity changes. 
  8. Reconciliation to the Qty on Dealer Order can be calculated manually or by Agvance. Manual adjustments may be made by editing the Adjusted Quantity. Agvance can also automatically calculate the percentage adjustment or a flat amount for each line item. In the bottom left, select either Percent or Flat Amount, enter the amount by which to decrease the line item, and select Adjust Qty
  9. Select Update and the grower’s Bookings display. Select Save to save the Booking for the adjusted quantity.