SKY Bucks

Q.  What are SKY Bucks and how are they used?

A.  SaaS (Software as a Service) contracted customers are eligible for credit dollars or SKY Bucks which can be applied to training opportunities.

SKY Buck Opportunities

SKY Bucks can be used to cover the expenses from a variety of Agvance educational opportunities. 

  1. Agvance Training, Consulting, and Business Optimization Services – These professional services provide guidance on how Agvance can help streamline your business processes.
  2. Agvance University Courses – Review the Classroom Course descriptions, locations, and prices at
  3. Customer Conference Fees – This multi-day event is offered in late summer/early fall biennially.


  1. Enrollment in SaaS Agvance contract
  2. Enrollment Levels
    • Professional Edition – Eligible for 500 SKY Bucks ($500 value annually – no rollovers)
    • Enterprise Edition – Eligible for 1500 SKY Bucks ($1500 value annually – no rollovers)
  3. SKY Bucks become available on the SaaS contract date and are reset annually on the renewal anniversary date.  SKY Buck balances are available for one year.  Unused balances do not rollover to the next year.  On the anniversary date, the annual balance is reset according to the enrolled level (Professional or Enterprise Edition).

Using the Credits

To find out how you can earn SKY Bucks, check your balance, or use SKY Buck credits, contact your Sales Account Manager directly, email, or call 800-752-7912.