AGIIS Web Services User Guide

The AG Industry Identification System (AGIIS) Directory is a database system housing agricultural ebusiness data for industry subscribers. The AGIIS Customer Web Service allows Agvance users, who subscribe to the AGIIS Directory, access to the directory and the ability to download grower and/or product information. The web service returns demographic information, as well as industry identifiers used in e-business transactions.

AGIIS Directory Requirements

A subscription to the AGIIS Directory is required to access the information. SSI will provide the Enrollment Form to the potential subscriber. After subscribing to the AGIIS directory, the retailer will be issued a username and password to access the directory. 


In order access the AGIIS Customer Web Service from Agvance, some initial setup is required. 

Company Preferences

AGIIS Setup is accessed from Hub / Setup / Company Preferences.

After selecting AGIIS Setup, a new window opens. The General tab is used to identify the Search URL and the User Login information. 

  1. The Search URL for the AGIIS Directory is
  2. The Security URL is not used at this time. 
  3. Each user who will access the AGIIS Directory is added in the User Logins section. Select the Agvance User ID and enter the retailer’s AGIIS username and password. Multiple Agvance users can be listed under the same AGIIS username and password.
  4. On the Customers tab select the customer attribute used to store the customer’s GLN (Global Location Number), which is an additional method of identifying producers in the Ag industry.
    Note: The EBID and NAPD Attributes are not used at this time.
  5. The Products tab is optionally used if searching the AGIIS directory for product information. However, using Agvance DataLink is the preferred method of updating product information. Contact SSI Support for more information about DataLink.

Company EBID/IC Code

At Hub / Setup / Company, enter the Retailer IC Code associated with the AGIIS subscription. Contact SSI for the password to access this window.

User Email Address

At Hub / Setup / Users, enter the Email Address for the user.

Accessing the AGIIS Directory - Customers

The AGIIS Customer Web Service can be used to add new customers or update information for existing customers. After completing the setup requirements for accessing the directory, a new AGIIS button will be available on the customer Profile tab, left of the Customer ID.

Select AGIIS to access the AGIIS Search. Information from the Customer profile will be populated to search by Name and Zip, Name and City/State, or by Phone Number.

After the search criteria is populated, select Search.

  1. Highlight the appropriate grower or business entity in the top grid. The second and third grids will be populated with details about the grower/business entity. The second grid contains the demographic information. The third grid contains the directory identifiers.
  2. Select type GLN from the third grid. Verify the GLN is associated with a Tech License number, which is displayed in the grid to the right of the GLN number.
  3. The fourth grid contains the following columns: Element, Agvance, AGIIS, and Update. The Agvance column is populated with information from the customer file. The AGIIS column contains information returned from AGIIS. Information in the AGIIS column can be edited. For example, if the AGIIS directory returns phone numbers without dashes but it is preferred to update the customer profile to include the dashes, this can be changed in the AGIIS column. Data not provided by the AGIIS search can also be entered. 
  4. For each Element to be updated, check the box in the Update column and select OK. The Agvance element will be replaced with the information in the AGIIS column. 
  5. After selecting OK, the customer Profile window displays. Enter any other required information for the customer and choose Save.

Accessing the AGIIS Directory - Products

The preferred method for updating product information is through Agvance DataLink, available at Hub / Transfers / Import / Agvance DataLink. Contact SSI Support for more information about DataLink.