SKY Crop Planning Report

The Sky Crop Planning report displays total crop acres per Grower, Farm, or Field when a Planting Rec is created to assist Growers in crop planning.

  1. Navigate to Reports / SKY Mapping and select the Sky Crop Planning Report.
  2. Multiple Fields can be selected as well as individual Recs. The report will display per Grower, Farm, or Field
  3. Choose the appropriate season from the Season drop-down under Options.
  4. From the Per Page Options drop-down, choose to view the report by Grower, Farm, or Field. Each Grower, Farm, or Field selected for the report will display on a new page. 
  5. From the Basemap drop-down, select the desired Basemap imagery to display. 
  6. Optionally select the following report criteria 
    • Crop – Choose to run the report for only the Crop selected on the chosen Field(s) or Rec(s). 
    • Start / End Date – Select to run the report for the selected Fields or Recs within a desired date range. 
    • Custom Imagery – Select if custom drone imagery has been imported for the chosen Field. 
    • Summary – Select to print a summary page designating specific crops with totals. 
  7. Choose Label Options to select which labels to display on each Field included in the report. 
  8. Once all desired report criteria are selected, choose Create Report
  9. The report displays in the Reports Based on Field Selection grid with a Status of In Progress. Choose View Report to open the report.