SKY Soil Test Report

The Sky Soil Test Report displays soil test results by point including a surface layer. The surface view can be updated in the Layers tab of SKY Mapping to reflect different legend values or color ramps.

  1. Navigate to Reports / SKY Mapping and select the Sky Soil Test Report.
  2. Select the desired Field(s).
    Note: Individual Events under each Field can also be selected. When multiple Events are selected, they will display per Field. 
  3. Choose the appropriate season from the Season drop-down under Options.
  4. Select the desired Basemap imagery from the Basemap drop-down. 
  5. Optionally select the following report criteria:
    • Crop – Select to run the report for only the Crop selected on the chosen Field(s). 
    • Start / End Date – Choose to include only Recs within the selected date range. 
    • Custom Imagery – Select if custom drone imagery has been imported for the chosen Field. 
    • Sample Sites – Choose to display sample sites along with the surface. 
    • Overview Map – Select to add a boundary overview of the Field(s) to the report. 
    • Page Selection – Choose specific nutrients to display per page. 
  6. Once all desired report criteria are selected, choose Create Report.
    Note: If no Events are available per the report criteria selected, a warning message displays, and the report fails to run. 
  7. The report displays in the Reports Based on Field Selection grid with a Status of In Progress. Choose View Report to open the report.