Grower to Grower Transfer

Seed orders can be tracked at Accounting / Inventory / Manage Seed Orders. Once a Grower Order is established, all or part of the order can be transferred to another Field, Grower, or group of Growers. Update Grower Orders and Bookings without affecting the order to the vendor.

Note: An option is available to Hide Rows with Zero Qty on the Grower Order. When selected, this option hides lines with a zero quantity which are marked as Ordered or Do Not Submit Electronically for a Vendor with a B2B seed order setup. For Vendors not set up in B2B, any line with zero ordered quantity is hidden when this option is selected.

The main reason to use the Grower Transfer would be the following scenario: 

Several orders may be entered under one Grower who is involved with multiple fields to get orders to suppliers as soon as possible. When entering Bookings for the seed, it needs to be divided up among the different Fields and Customer splits associated with that Grower so it can be invoiced accordingly. The transfer gives the ability to do so without sending any changes back to the supplier. The original Grower Order is retained, and only Agvance tickets are changed.

  1. Navigate to Accounting / Inventory / Manage Seed Orders / Grower Order. Select the appropriate Grower Order and choose Grower Transfer
  2. In the Transfer Grower Information section of the Grower to Grower Transfer window, double-click in the By Field or Customer Name area to choose the Customer to whom the Order is being transferred. The Order Number and Date can both be edited here.
    Note: If multiple Customers are selected, specify the split percentages. 
  3. Choose Add New or Existing to add a new Grower Order or to edit an existing one. Edit the Date as needed. 
  4. In the Transferred Qty column, enter the quantity to be transferred. Select Save
  5. The original Customer’s Booking displays automatically edited to the quantity remaining after the transfer. Select Save and optionally print the Booking.
    Note: Grower to Grower Transfers to Customers who do not have an existing Grower Order automatically create a new Booking for the transfer amount. If the transfer is to an existing Grower Order, the original Booking is updated.