Prepay Options at Invoicing

Prepay money may be used at invoicing in a variety of ways, depending on the situation.

Prepaid Specific Product

Enough Left to Cover

In this case, when the items are brought into the Invoice, the items that are prepaid display with Paid in the Status column and the notation Book in the Level column of the Invoice Product grid. The Unit $ is the price that was booked.

Processing this Invoice depletes the booked dollars by the amount of the prepaid items and adjusts the quantity left on the Booking accordingly.

Note: To invoice product at a price other than booked price, set the price on the Invoice and select the Retain Invoice Price option at the Booking Detail screen.

Not Enough to Cover

When specific product is prepaid but not enough dollars are left to cover that item on the current Invoice, the word View will show in the Level column of the Invoice Product grid. This indicates that the program needs additional information about how the product(s) will be priced.

To see options, select View and the Booking Detail for that line item displays. The Quantity and Total $ left for this item are shown. Select the Booking to be used. 

Choosing Done brings up the prepay options.

Note: When importing from a quoted Blend Ticket or a priced Delivery Ticket, View shows for any line item that was both quoted/priced and prepaid but not an exact match to a specific Booking.


This option causes the quantity of the line item to be split into two lines - one for the remainder of the prepaid amount marked as Paid and another for the quantity not covered by Prepay at List Price or the customer’s Pricing Level as set at the customer file.

Note: If it's a split Invoice, only the customer with the Prepay shortage will have the item split on their Invoice. On the screen, it appears that the other customer's line item will be split, but when printed, the lines combine into one line item (unless the price of one of the items is edited at that customer's view of the Invoice).


This option uses the booked price for the whole quantity and marks the item as Paid. The Amount Due on the Invoice includes the partial amount not covered by the Prepay dollars.

A message also prints on the Invoice explaining that there weren’t enough Prepay dollars to cover some of the items on the Invoice


This option may only be used if there is enough total Prepay dollars left to cover the particular line item. In this case, money is used from another prepaid item (or generic prepaid inventory item) to cover this item.

Note: When using this option, it is important to set the $/Unit pricing at the Invoicing screen before selecting the booked items from which Prepay is being used.

In order to steal Prepay from another item, select Show Products at the bottom of the Booking Detail for Line Item screen. This displays all the prepaid items for this Customer (or Field). Select the prepaid item(s) to be used and choose Done to return to the Invoicing screen.

Prepaid Generic

When  invoicing, select under the Level column (usually List), and this will display the Booking Detail window. Choose Show Products

This will display all of the product Bookings for the selected customer. Select the nonspecific Booking line item and choose OK.

On the Invoice, the line item to prepay should now have Book in the Level column and the Paid checkbox should contain a red checkmark if the product Booking was paid.

Note: If the product on the Invoice is included by product Classification in the General Prepay Type, it will automatically come into the Invoice as booked and prepaid. If the product on the Invoice is not included in the General Prepay Type, select the Booking to use as described above.

Enough to Cover

When Generic Prepay was entered for the customer, a Generic Prepay Type was specified. Billing any product that fits the criteria of the Prepay Type automatically uses the Prepay money if no product specific Booking for the invoiced item is found.

Not Enough to Cover

View displays in the Level column of the Invoice when there is not enough Generic Prepay to cover the products being invoiced. Select in the Level column and choose whatever generic prepaid item remains. The program attempts to steal from that item. If there is not enough Prepay money to cover the invoiced item, the Split and Partial choices display.