Generic Prepaid Bookings

There are 2 ways to create generic Bookings in Agvance:

  1. Create a generic prepay product in a miscellaneous inventory department. Use this product on a Booking, entering the dollars to be received in the Quantity column and $1.00 as the Unit Price. Mark the P checkbox and take the customer's payment at the Roll-Through Payment on Account screen.
  2. Create one or more generic prepay types to use on bookings. Doing this will allow those Bookings to be used automatically at invoicing in certain situations. 

Generic Prepaid Booking Process

Link a customer’s file with eligible categories of prepaid products and update the customer’s prepay balance.

  1. Prior to adding a generic Booking, set up Generic Prepay Booking types by choosing Add at Accounting / Setup / A/R / Generic Prepay Type.
  2. On the Add Generic Prepay Type window, enter the Description and choose the product to be used as the line item on any Booking for this Generic Prepay Type by double-clicking in the Product ID area. Select if the type of prepay applies to All products or Products with these classifications. If choosing the latter, select the Classifications.
  3. Choose Save
  4. Navigate to Accounting / A/R / Product Bookings and select Add
  5. Choose a customer by double-clicking the Customer Name column heading or choose a Field by double-clicking in the By Field area. 
  6. On the Add Booking window, select the Generic Prepay option and, from the dropdown, select the Generic Prepay Type, Price Level, and enter the Prepay Amount
  7. Choose Save, select the printing options, and choose OK.
  8. The Receive Payment(s) on Account window displays. Enter the Date, Disc, Ref #, Pay Method(s), and Pay Amount(s). Choose Save to mark the Booking as Paid and accept the payment. The total of the Pay Amount(s) must equal the Payment Total.
    Note: Generic Prepay Bookings cannot be edited after they are saved. Generic Bookings must be prepaid. If the transaction is cancelled at the Receive Payment(s) on Account window, the Booking is voided.