Credit Checking

Populating the Date Opened field on the Credit tab of the Customer file activates the Credit Checking feature for the customer. This must also be set for the Hold Credit Status to work, as well as for the % of Limit and credit checking based on customer aging to work.

Once this date is saved, credit checking is performed at the selection of the customer and upon saving Blend Tickets, Delivery Tickets, Invoices, Energy Product Delivery Orders, and Agvance Mobile Energy Tickets. The % of Limit and the credit checking based on customer aging is established at Setup / Preferences on the A/R tab in the Credit Management section.

When an Invoice, Delivery Ticket, or Blend Ticket is entered and the selected customer has a Date Opened set on the file, the credit is verified upon the selection of that customer. If the customer has met or exceeded the credit limit, a message displays. Depending on the credit checking preferences, this message may be a Warn Only which allows the option to continue with the transaction, it could be a Stop Sale where the transaction is not allowed to continue, or it could be Stop with Password which would stop the sale but a password entry could allow the transaction to continue.

If this sale continues, the credit limit goes negative for the value of the transaction. If the customer has aged balances, depending on the preference set, a Warning or Stop Sale message appears before proceeding to the product selection.

Loaded, unprocessed Delivery Tickets affect the customer’s available credit by the value of that ticket. For example, a loaded Delivery Ticket is added for a customer for 100 gallons of fuel. To value that ticket, the program looks at the customer’s quoted price or the department level product cost and multiplies that cost by the quantity on the ticket.

If no quoted price exists and the department level cost of that fuel was $2.50, the customer’s available credit would be reduced by $250.00. Blend Tickets are valued in a similar manner based on the Quoting Basis found at Blending / Setup / Location Preferences. Once the ticket is imported to an Invoice, the available credit is updated by the value of the Invoice. If the Invoice takes the customer beyond the credit limit, that Invoice posts to the Over Credit Limit Invoices report.