May 2024 SKY Release Notes


  • SKYW-3857 / Invoice and Statement Notifications – Invoice and Statement are now options under Email Notifications and Text Notifications in Grower360 Settings. To make these settings available to Growers, Invoices and Statements must be turned on in SKY Admin.


  • AN-2935 / Message When No Dashboards Display – Upon logging in, if no dashboards are available, a message displays stating No dashboards exist for this company. Please reach out to SSI Support for more information.
  • AN-2747 / Authoring in Analytics – Analytics Authors now stay within SKY Analytics when creating/editing dashboards rather than being taken to Tableau.


  • SKYW-3840 / Recent Activity Tabs – If the Grain, Fields, Payments, and/or Invoices Divisions are turned off in SKY Admin, the Scale Tickets, Field Applications, Payments, and/or Invoices tabs will not display in the Recent Activity section of the Grower360 Overview page respectively. If all four of these Divisions are turned off, the Recent Activity section will not be displayed at all.


Version 4.09


  • HW-8867 / Controller File Export – Controller files can be exported as expected.
  • HW-10489 / Auto Import – A new User Role option was added to the Preferences section called Auto Import Data. When enabled, one or more Event types (Application, Planting, and/or Harvest) can be selected in any combination. The onsite template, including the Data Exchange, are imported automatically and the associated Events are created.
  • HW-10531 / Import Planting Alias Name Option – A new child User Role checkbox has been added within the Import parent item. When active, a new context menu is added to the Crop Info table for each Crop/Variety for the Planting imports on the Files Info step with a label of Add Alias Name. This gives the ability to add details such as treatment to individual varieties.
  • HW-10856 / Loadsheet Reports – The Loadsheet Report works as expected.
  • HW-11147 / SKY Recs Reports – Service Products now display costs in the SKY Recs report. Adjustments made to the Rec include the display of Total Cost/Ac ($) and the Service Cost/Ac ($).
  • HW-11270 / Sampling Large Multi Part Boundary – The Sampling Event import surfacing includes a visual surface for all parts selected within the Event to correctly use surfaces to create Recs and Events by Layer as expected.
  • HW-11319 / Class Break Rounding Adjustments – New rounding was applied as follows:
    Harvest Layer Classes:
    • ≤500 – 1 decimal place
    • >500 – 0 decimal places
    All other Layer Classes:
    • ≤50 – 2 decimal places
    • >50 and ≤100 – 1 decimal place
    • >100 – 0 decimal places


    • HW-9202 / Manual Events – The Season and Crop Cycle are now above the Start and End Date and Time inputs to be consistent with the Manual Rec on the mobile and web apps for Events and Recs.
    • HW-11028 / Sampling Zoom to Target – The Zoom to Target function works as expected and optimization of this function leverages the screen area so the user's location and current target point always include the entire viewing space as the target is approached.
    • HW-11239 / Scouting Site Panel – Subtle styling improvements were made to the Scouting panel to provide a better experience.
    • HW-11254 / Water Sampling View Results – The ability to view results within the mobile app for Water Sampling Events was implemented. Additionally, the Event ID value was replaced with the Complete status when results exist. Selecting the Water Sampling Event adds the results below the Notes section in alphabetical order.