April 2024 SKY Release Notes


  • SKYW-3834 / Grain Bank Statement Report – The Grain Bank Statement report can now be enabled in SKY Admin under Grower360 / Grain / Grain Reports for STLM Grain companies.


  • SKYW-3816 / Field Name and Crop ColumnsField Name and Crop have been added as columns on the Blends page in SKY Customer.


Version 4.06


  • HW-10635 / Event Recs Batch – Creating Events and Recs and Batch Copying more than 600 Sampling Events works as expected.
  • HW-10659 / Equation Rec Batch – Normalized Yield support was implemented for Batch Equation Recs when the selected Fields within the batch share the same Analysis Layer. Normalized Yield Analysis Layers can be created in a batch without having to create Equation Recs one Field at a time when using a Batch Equation Rec.
  • HW-11060 / Setup Nutrient Targets – A few new items have been added:
    • A new Water Sample Type was added to the Nutrient Targets Setup page.
    • Critical and Severe textboxes were added to the Nutrient Targets Setup page.
    • A new optional drop-down was added to the left of the Sample Type drop-down called Irrigation Category with options of Sprinkler and Surface.
  • HW-11071 / Loadsheet Report – The Loadsheet report works as expected.
  • HW-11158 / EC Data – The Points surfaces for EC Data display in Layers and Split Screen Compare as expected.
  • HW-11231 / Equation Rec Min Rate Set – Equation Rec works as expected.
  • HW-11257 / Yield by Analysis Report – The Yield by Analysis report works as expected.


  • HW-9829 / Application Event/Rec – Apostrophes can be added to a Mix or Blend name as expected.
  • HW-10036 / Sampling – Canceling a newly added Sampling Copy Event works as expected.
  • HW-10889 / Export Boundary and Points – It is now possible to export and send zipped Field boundaries and sample points for importing into SKY Mapping. Additionally, a new context menu option was added to the Field profile called Export Boundary which is enabled when the app is online. Files can be shared by email and other methods.
  • HW-11022 / Sampling Multiple Device – Improvements were made to the Scan Code ID textbox and collection Status so multiple devices can be used on the same Event as expected.


  • SV-8, 1186 / AP Bill Approvals and Drafts – Send AP Bills through an approval process and save Bills as drafts to return to later. For more information, see here.