Grower360 Notifications

Notifications allow for communication with Grower360 customers through the Grower360 application as well as email.

Notifications can be set up under Grower360 in SKY Admin. Select Manage on the Notifications card to review Sent Notifications and/or Notification Settings.

Sent Notifications

To see notifications sent to Growers, choose Review on the Sent Notifications card.

Optionally use the Search field to find specific notifications that have been sent.

Notification Settings

To manage notification settings and communicate through Grower360, select Setup on the Notification Settings card.

From here, opt to notify Growers via Grower360 by turning on the Invoices and/or Statements options.

When enabled, notifications will be sent to Growers who have Email/Text Notifications set up in Grower360 and will also display as a new item under the Notifications icon.

New Notification

To create a new notification, select +New Notification at the bottom right of the page.

One or more Customer Classifications can be selected from the To field on the New Notification page. The options in this field are tied directly to the Customer Classifications set in Agvance. Notifications are only sent to customers in the Classification with a linked Grower360 account. If a Customer is present in more than one selected Customer Classification, that Customer will only receive one notification.

Once the Subject and Message fields are populated, select Send to send the notification to the selected customers or Cancel to discard the notification and return to the Notifications page. A confirmation stating Notification Sent displays and the message is now listed under Sent Notifications.

Customers can view the notification in their email inbox or by selecting the Bell icon from their Grower360 account.

Notifications received through text will contain the Subject line and URL link to view the full message in Grower360.