June 2024 SKY Release Notes


  • SKYW-3974 / Grower360 Display Newest Banner First – Banners added to Grower360 will be displayed in the order they are added with the newest being first.


  • AN-3021 / GAP Analysis Dashboard – Scale Ticket - Net and Scale Ticket - Gross are now options under the Scale Ticket/Settlement filter to choose net or gross units.


  • SKYW-3970 / Export Payments – An Export button is now available on the Payments page in SKY Customer.
  • SKYW-3572 / Plan to Booking or Blend – A Converted to column has been added to the list of Plans in SKY Customer to indicate if a Plan has been converted to a Booking or Blend.
  • SKYW-3910 / Plan Filters – Filter Plans by those that have been converted to a Booking and/or Blend.
  • SKYW-3929 / Export Invoices – Invoices can now be exported to a CSV in SKY Customer.


Version 4.11


  • HW-9991 / Loadsheet Planting Equation Rec – The Planting Equation Rec displays the Grid Surface within the Loadsheet report and the Legend classes for each polygon work as expected.
  • HW-10523 / Auto Import Equipment Profile – A new child User Role was added to the Auto Import Data area under Preferences called Require Equipment. This option is checked by default. When unchecked, the Equipment profile is automatically created on import for data with an unmatched Monitor ID and matching boundaries using the following rules:
    • The Equipment name defaults to the Monitor ID value.
    • Harvest data retains the current defaults to Harvesting for Equipment Parent Type and Combine for Equipment Type.
    • For Planting data, the Equipment Parent Type defaults to Planting and to Planter for Equipment Type.
    • For Application data, the Equipment Parent Type defaults to Applicator and the Equipment Type uses Spreader if the data is in dry units and Sprayer if in liquid units.
    • For the Owner/Operator, select the Customer who has the most points via their matching boundaries.
  • HW-10642 / Equation Rec Convert to Event – The Convert to Event option handles all special characters within Blend names as expected.
  • HW-10935 / Imagery – A new Analysis Layer type, Imagery - Sentinel 2, was added to the Batch Zapper and controls access to the new AWS satellite option. Additionally, two new User Roles have access to the setup of Imagery called Imagery Setup under the Add/Edit Fields section and under the Batch parent menus. The following rules apply:
    • When the Add/Edit Fields option is active and Batch Zapper access to at least one Imagery option has been given, a menu option is added to the Field context menu below the View/Edit Field option.
    • When the Batch Imagery Setup User Role is active and Batch Zapper access to at least one Imagery option has been given and multiple Fields are selected, there is a new Batch Imagery Setup menu option.
    • If a given User Role does not have Imagery Setup active but has Analysis active under Layers section, the ability is given to view Imagery but not Edit or Delete.
    • When using the Imagery Setup option, an Imagery Setup panel opens with full access to the Zone Tools. This includes Zone Tools for supporting excluded parts of a Field where imagery is not wanted.
    • There is an optional Imagery Setup name given for collective imagery for the year/season. The Season defaults to the current calendar year.         
    • There is an Imagery Options section with the available imagery type options to determine what imagery products to include for that season.
    • The imagery layers display in descending order and provide a date and classified legend of five classes in red-yellow-green color ramp.
    • Each imagery Layer can be deleted or printed.
    • The parent Imagery Setup menu has an option to Edit Imagery Setup and make changes with the same options as the Add function. 
    • There is a Delete Imagery Setup option which removes all imagery for the entire season.
  • HW-11124 / Planting Equation Rec – The SKY Recs Report - Planting works as expected.
  • HW-11271 / Export Controller – Creating a controller file with a Fertilizer Product, different Yield Goals, and a Product change on a multi-part boundary includes the entire Rec as expected. Additionally, creating a Manure Product and different Yield Goals on a multi-part boundary includes the entire rec as expected.
  • HW-11347 / Auto Import - Data Exchange – The Data Exchange process or uploading of several zip files together for the same Field, Crop, and Season becomes a single Event for Harvest and Planting and for Application if they have the same date as expected.


  • HW-9473 / Lab Submission Form – The Lab Submission Form report only requires the Test Package if a Testing Lab is selected. Additionally, the Required asterisk was removed from the Test Package drop-down.
  • HW-10579 / SKY Field Reference List Report – The SKY Field Reference List report was added to the mobile app and includes report options of Season, Farm Totals, Default to On, Grower Totals, Default to On, Lat/Long QR Code, and Default to Off.
  • HW-10985 / Sampling Multi-Part Boundary – The area of each Boundary part displays for web-created Sampling Events as expected.
  • HW-10990 / Notifications Sampling Results – The mobile app prompts to download the Customer if a Sample Results link is selected that does not have the Customer downloaded for the Event. Upon choosing Yes, the app navigates the Customer Downloaded page. If choosing No, the Customer is not downloaded.
  • HW-11310 / Layers Satellite Imagery – The same parent/child setup in the web was implemented to display all images under a given Imagery Setup ordered by descending date. The Layers match the same format and text as those shown in the web app. The Layers also have the same Classification as those in the web app. True Color and NDVI imagery types are supported. Additionally, the Legend matches that shown in the web app and only NDVI will have a legend. Creating a Sampling Event for the NDVI-based images is supported, not the True images. The satellite imagery displays within the Per Season sections with an i icon.
  • HW-11312 / Variety Drop-Down – The mobile app displays active Varieties including those associated with Crop Classes as expected.