Grower360 Products

The Products page displays a list of products purchased by the grower and provides access to product detail including total cost sums and Invoices.


Products can be searched and/or filtered by using the Search field at the top of the page. Leaving Search blank will search for all products purchased within the Date Range.

The Subtotal, Total Tax, and Total Cost of the filtered products display at the bottom of the page.


Products can be filtered by Date Range using the Date Range fields at the top of the page. The date defaults to the current month. Optionally, products can be filtered by Field or Tank when the Destination toggle is on. The Total Cost for the resulting products displays at the bottom of the page.

The filters selected display below the Filters button.


The products displaying in the grid can be exported to a CSV file by selecting Export at the top of the page.

The resulting file contains the Product Description, Quantity, Unit of Measure, My Share, Field Id, and Tank Sn.


The Product Details grid displays the Product, Field Id, Tank Sn, Quantity purchased, and Cost (product cost for the customer's share).

Selecting a product from the grid displays the Product Detail page, where Invoice details for the selected product can be viewed. A separate line for each Invoice loads on this page along with the Invoice#, Invoice Date, Quantity, Tax, Product Subtotal, Prepay, and Invoice Total for each Invoice line. A PDF of the Invoice can be viewed or downloaded by selecting the Blue Cloud icon on the Invoice line.

  • The Product Details page can also be filtered by date range by adjusting the Date Range fields at the top of the page.
  • Product totals display at the bottom of the page for all products in the grid, including Total Quantity, Product Subtotal, Tax, and Total Product Cost.
  • To download the list of Invoices, select Export (to the right of the Date Range).
  • To view or download an individual Invoice, choose the Download icon on that line item (to the right of Invoice Total) and select View pdf or Download pdf.
  • The breadcrumbs at the top of the page can be used to navigate back to the Products page.