Using Unapplied Cash to Prepay Booking

To use Unapplied Cash to prepay a Booking, add a Payment by navigating to Accounting / A/R / Payments or by selecting the Payment on Account(s) shortcut icon.

At the Payment On Account screen, change the drop-down next to the Payment Amount field from Regular to Prepay and mark the Use U/A Cash option. Choose the Booking(s) to apply the unapplied cash and select Save.

Bookings cannot be partially prepaid at this screen. The Unapplied Cash plus any additional payment(s) must fully cover the selected Booking(s) or the payment will not be saved and the status(es) of the Booking(s) will remain as unpaid.

For more information on using Unapplied Cash at the Roll-Through Payment on Account screen, see here.