Apply Money against Specific Invoices

When receiving money from the Customer, it may be applied against specific Invoices or against Invoices as they are sorted in the grid.

  1. Select Add a Payment on Account shortcut icon.
  2. Select the customer whose account is to be affected. Notice that the total amount owed by the customer is shown in the lower right corner.
  3. Enter the amount of the payment received in the Payment Amount field.
  4. If there is a discount, enter it in both the top portion of the screen and in the grid on the appropriate invoice line(s) in the Discount column.
  5. All Invoices are selected to be paid when the Payment on Accounts screen is opened. Deselect the ones not covered by this payment either one by one or use Untag All and select the appropriate Invoices.
  6. Choose Apply in the lower left portion of the screen to carry any changes in the grid across and down to the totals.
  7. Select Save to post the Payment.