Prepay Money Only - Special Prepay Prices

In this case, the customer pays a certain amount of money but not for specific items. Special pricing is given on the products when the prepay money is used.

Have an item in the inventory called Prepaid Product. In this case, the generic item is used when creating the Booking for prepay money. Some companies add a generic prepay item in the Fertilizer department and one in the Chemical department to differentiate the prepaid money between departments. By having the prepaid product in the different departments, it also allows reports to show how much prepay is left by department.

Generic Prepay Types must be set up at Setup / AR / Generic Prepay Types before any entries for this prepay money can be entered. Assign a description and select the product to be used. Choose whether this prepay is used for all products or only used for products with specified Product Classifications.

How to Take Prepay – Money Only

  1. Go to A/R / Product Bookings and select Add.
  2. Select either the field or customer involved.
  3. Select the Generic Prepay option and choose the Generic Prepay Type. A Price Level may be selected. Enter the Prepay Amount received.
    Note: If using the Generic Prepay feature, the Booking must be for only one customer. Split bookings are not allowed. If booking by field, the field selected may only have one customer on it in order for the Generic Prepay option to be available.
  4. Save the Booking and optionally print a copy of the Booking.
  5. Receive Payment(s) on Account screen appears. The amount paid can differ from the amount booked by using the Discount column. Saving this enters a payment on account for the customer and increases the current Prepay balance by the amount of the prepaid Booking.