Roll-Thru Payment on Account

Following is a description of the Invoice Roll-Through Payment on Account window:

  • Gross – This is the total amount due on the Invoice and cannot be changed.
  • Disc – The calculated discount on the Invoice displays here and may be changed.
  • Payment Total – This is the Gross minus the Disc and may be changed. The amount entered for the Payment Total should always be the amount of money being given at the time of payment.
  • Pay Method 1 – Select the type of payment.
  • Check # – The check # may be entered for reference.
  • Use UAC – Check this box if Unapplied Cash is to be applied against the Invoice. This box should only be checked if there is an Unapplied Cash balance and the Customer wants it to be used on the Invoice. When checked, Agvance will apply all available Unapplied Cash to pay as much of the Invoice as possible that is not covered by the Payment Total.
  • UAC Balance – The Customer’s current Unapplied Cash balance is available here. This is informational only and cannot be changed.

Using Unapplied Cash

  1. Change the amount of the discount to be applied if it needs to be adjusted for any reason and select Apply.
  2. Change the Payment Total to be the amount of new money actually being given.
  3. Check Use UAC.
  4. Select Save.

Note: If only Unapplied Cash is being used to make payment on the Invoice (no new money is being given by the customer), zero out the Payment Total and check Use UAC.