Advanced Deduction tied to a Grain Purchase Contract


Tie an Advance to a Grain Purchase Contract. (non-Priced Purchase Contracts only)


At Grain / Setup / Preferences on the Purchases tab, selecting the preference Advances on Contracts Only If Fully Delivered restricts the creation of an Advance from a Contract if the Purchase Contract is not fully delivered.

In Agvance Grain / Setup / Settlement Deduction select Add or Edit.  On the Add/Edit a Settlement Deduction window when the Class of Deduction is set to Advance Code an option to Allow this "Advance" deduction to be tied to a Contract displays.  Select and Save.

Once selecting this option, edit a purchase contract at Agvance Grain / Operations / Purchase Contract and select the Advanced tab on the Edit a Purchase Contract window.  Select the Create Advance from Contract button. On the Select Settlement Deduction window, highlight the advance deduction from the list and Select

On the Contract Advance Creation screen, enter the Advance Amount to tie to the Purchase Contract. Click OK

The Add a Settlement window displays. Optionally, edit the Check Number, Amount, or Paynames, if needed, and Save to tie the Advance to the Purchase Contract.

To view Advances Tied to Contracts, go to Agvance Grain / Operations / Purchase Contracts and select Edit on the Select a Purchase Contract window.  On the Edit a Purchase Contract window select the Advances tab to view the Advances tied to that Contract and the Amount and Amount Repaid against the Contract.

Migrating an Advanced Purchase Contract

When migrating a purchase contract the advance amount will move to the new purchase contract. If a purchase contract is being partially migrated, the advance amount will be prorated to the new purchase contract.