Use Unapplied Cash as Payment

At the Payment on Account screen, check the box that says Use U/A Cash. Upon saving the payment, the unapplied cash left in the customer's account will pay the Invoices that are checked in the grid below.

If the Unapplied Cash amount is greater than the amount of the Invoice(s) checked in the grid, then the Invoice(s) will be paid and the leftover unapplied cash will remain on the customer's account.

If the Unapplied Cash amount is less than the amount of the Invoice(s) checked in the grid, then enter the amount of Unapplied Cash to use in the Payment column of the grid on the line item(s) being paid.

Note: Do not put an amount in the Payment Amount field when using Unapplied Cash to make a customer payment.

A discount can be given as well by placing the Discount amount from the grid into the Discount Amount field in the upper portion of the screen.

It may be necessary to select Apply to ensure the totals at the bottom of the screen match the amount being paid and the discount being given.

Note: Whenever a discount is involved, the discount amount must always be entered in the Discount Amount field at the top of the screen unless it is not being given to the customer. If that is the case, it should be zeroed out in the grid.

Alternatively, check the Use U/A Cash checkbox then select Auto Apply to have the Unapplied Cash applied to the Invoices in the order they are sorted until the Unapplied Cash has been depleted. The Invoices not covered by Unapplied Cash will remain open to be paid by the customer.