Credit Invoices


At the Select an Invoice screen found at A/R / Invoice, there are two selections related to credit situations: Credit and Reverse.

  • Credit – This is used when product is returned or a billing error is made and voiding is not appropriate (such as an Invoice generated in a prior month). Select Credit and fill out the screen like a regular Invoice using positive quantities. As this new Invoice is saved, the quantities are negated. Invoices created by selecting Credit are displayed in blue in the Select an Invoice window.
  • Reverse – Reverse an existing Invoice by selecting it (even if it is in a previous month) and choosing Reverse. A new Invoice displays with the same products, quantities, and prices as the original. As this new Invoice is saved, the quantities are negated. This reversed Invoice and the original Invoice are displayed in red in the Select an Invoice window. Neither can be voided or reversed again. In the Accounting Preferences, there’s an option to mark reversing Invoices as Paid. If this option is selected, both the original Invoice and the reversing Invoice are marked as Paid at the save of the reversal. If this option is not selected, both the original and the reversing Invoices remain with an Open status.

Credit Invoice Process

Used for customer credit or return items, Credit Invoices update inventory and the customer’s account balance.

  1. Navigate to Accounting / A/R / Invoice and select Credit
  2. Double-click the Customer Name column heading or the By Field area to select the customer. 
  3. The Credit Invoice window displays. Select the products to credit by double-clicking the Product Name column heading. Choose the products, enter a positive Quantity, and select Done
  4. Edit the information as necessary and choose Save. The Invoice quantities are negated. 
  5. The Print Invoice Document screen will appear. Print any necessary documents or select Cancel to close this window.
    Note: The Credit Invoice document displays Credit Memo at the top and bottom of the printout, signifying a balance is not due. Additionally, Invoices created using the Credit option display in blue on the Select an Invoice window.