Move Unapplied Cash to Different Customer

  1. Customers sometimes request that Unapplied Cash on their account be applied to a different customer’s account such as a farm or a relative’s account.
  2. At the Customer Payment on Accounts screen found at A/R / Payments / Add, select the customer whose account holds the Unapplied Cash balance.
  3. Enter a negative amount in the Payment Amount area for the amount being transferred to the other customer’s account and select Adjustment as the Pay Method.
  4. Deselect all Invoices in the grid if any exist. Select the Use U/A Cash option and Save the payment.
  5. Add a new payment for the Customer receiving the amount.
  6. In the Payment Amount, enter the same dollar amount as in Step 2 but as a positive number. Select Adjustment as the Pay Method.
  7. Select the Invoice(s) to which the payment should be applied, or select Auto Apply to automatically apply the payment to Invoices and Save the payment.