Grower Orders

Create a Grower Order, Booking, and Purchase Order in one transaction.

At Accounting / Inventory / Manage Seed Orders / Grower Order, select Reports to group open orders by Vendor and Location with an option to Exclude Zero Requested Quantity records. This report will give information including the product and requested quantity for each order detail line.

Note: An option is available to Hide Rows with Zero Qty on the Grower Order. When selected, this option hides lines with a zero quantity which are marked as Ordered or Do Not Submit Electronically for a Vendor with a B2B seed order setup. For Vendors not set up in B2B, any line with zero ordered quantity is hidden when this option is selected.

  1. Navigate to Accounting / Inventory / Manage Seed Orders / Grower Order.
  2. On the Select a Grower Order window, choose Add. The Select Vendors window displays. Choose the Vendor and the Grower Orders window displays.
  3. On the Grower Orders window, double-click in the By Field or Customer Name area to select the grower purchasing the product.
  4. Double-click on Prod Desc to select the Product the grower is ordering from the Vendor.
  5. Enter the Quantity to be ordered and select Done.
    Note: If a Sales Order exists, select Import Sales Order to select the Sales Order to import.
  6. Choose either Add PO to create an existing Purchase Order, Edit PO to update an existing Purchase Order, or No PO to not create a Purchase Order.
    Note: Farm Manager, Direct Ship, and Payment Instructions are options connected with the Supplier eLink module. Additionally, Request, Check Availability, and Order connect directly to the Vendor to verify availability and place the order.
  7. Select Save. A Booking is created and, depending on the Purchase setting, a Purchase Order may be added or an existing order is updated.
    Note: When editing a Booking created from a Grower Order at Accounting / A/R / Product Bookings, select the option on the Booking window to Hide Rows with Zero Qty.