United Suppliers / Aligned Ag Supplier eLink Setup for Purchase Order Import / Export

The following steps outline how to set up Supplier eLink for the Purchase Order Import and Export.


  1. Set up a B2B icon on the desktop by right-clicking and choosing New / Shortcut. On the Create Shortcut window, browse to the B2BConfg.exe file inside the Agvance Program Files, and choose Next. In the Select a Title for the Program window, name the shortcut ‘B2B Setup’, and select Finish. Once the icon is set up, change the Start in path to match the normal Agvance data path.
  2. When the B2B icon is set up, log in. If an activation screen displays, contact SSI to activate the module.  
  3. On the Hub / Setup / Company Preferences / Product tab, click the Product Attributes button, and add two new attributes.
    1. UOM
    2. United Suppliers PO ID
  4. On the Accounting / Setup / Preferences / A/P tab, click the Vendor Attributes button, and add an attribute called GLN.
  5. Go to File / Open / Vendors, and edit Aligned Ag. Click the Attributes button, and enter ‘0034500004350’ in the GLN Attribute Value.
  6. Create a folder (preferably on the same drive the Agvance data is located). This folder will store copies of the XMLs sent to the Aligned Ag vendor.
  7. On the Accounting / Setup / Preferences / Inventory Purchase tab under the Purchase Order options, select the Use alternate XML PO interface option, and in the Folder to place ASCII PO Exports files area, select the path to the folder created in Step 6 above.
    Note: If the folder that was set up to use is no longer a valid folder, the purchase orders will fail to send without any error message returned.

Any products typically ordered from Aligned Ag should be edited to place the Supplier Product ID in the United Suppliers PO ID attribute and the UOMRec20 (the unit of measure Aligned Ag utilizes) in the UOM attribute. If the Meppel Export is used, copy and paste the Meppel ID into the United Suppliers PO ID attribute. This Master AAD Product List also contains the Supplier Product ID in case the customer does not utilize the Meppel Export. The UOM can be found on the Master AAD Product List. Contact the United Suppliers representative to obtain a copy of the Master AAD Product List.

B2B Setup

  1. Log in to the B2B Setup icon, and go to Setup / e-Business.
  2. In the Product Cross References section, set the Code Type to AssignedByManufacturer and the Attribute to the United Suppliers PO ID product attribute created in Step 3 above.
    Note: These attribute names are user defined. They may be named something different such as AAD IDSupplier ID, etc.)
  3. In the Vendor Cross References section, set both the Code Type and the Attribute to GLN.
  4. In the Locations section, set up each location participating in the Purchase Order Import/Export in the Location column. Set the Code Type to AGIIS-EBID, and the Value is the GLN / EBID for that specific location. There are a few different ways to find out this information.
    1. At Hub / Setup / Locations, edit the location to see if the IC Code is entered. This is the number to use for the GLN / EBID Value on the eBusiness Setup window in Supplier eLink.
    2. If the IC Code is not entered at Hub / Setup / Locations and the GLN / EBID is unknown by the company, log in to AGIIS to find the GLN. After logging in to AGIIS, click the Search button, and select E-BUSINESS SEARCH. Type in the company name and either the zip code, city and state, or phone number.
    3. If the results are not as expected, contact the United Suppliers representative to verify the GLN / EBID assigned to this company’s locations.
  5. In the Default Code Types area, there are three different dropdowns, ProductVendor, and Customer. Set these up as follows.
    1. ProductAGIIS-ProductID
    2. VendorGLN
    3. CustomerGLN
  6. In the Product Unit of Measure area, set UOM to UOM based on the attribute that was set up in Step 3 in the above section.
  7. The Seed Year (YYYY) should always be a year ahead. For example, if it is currently 2017, the Seed Year (YYYY) should be set to 2018).
  8. Once the eBusiness Setup is complete, navigate to Setup / Purchase Order.
  9. Double-click on the Vendor column heading, and select Aligned Ag.
  10. Keep the Web Service URL blank; nothing should be placed in this field at this time.
  11. Double-click in the Logins> column, and based on the credentials provided by United Suppliers and Aligned Ag, assign these to any Agv. User who should have access to the Purchase Order Import/Export.
  12. Set the UOM Conv. to (None).
  13. Set the FTP Site URL to ftps.landolakes.com:990.
  14. Set the FTP Folder Name should be blank.
  15. Set the Product Code Type to AssignedByManufacturer.

Hardware and Firewall Issues

Work with the IT department to ensure that there are no local or network firewalls that would prevent communication to the FTP Site URL.