Combine / Split Delivery Tickets

It is common for a tenant to pick up product for several farms not knowing then how the product will be distributed. Later, the tenant advises how the billing should be handled. At that time, the Inventory / Combine/Split Delivery Tickets feature allows multiple tickets to be combined or split out to as many separate Delivery Tickets as needed for billing purposes. All products on the original ticket(s) will be accounted for.

This area is particularly helpful when a farmer picks up several loads of product not knowing at the time how it will be split among various fields.

This screen displays all the Delivery Tickets that have not yet been invoiced. An individual customer's or location's tickets may be filtered by using the Ticket Filter area and choosing Apply. After selecting the tickets to split or combine, a question appears asking how many new tickets will replace the original tickets. A two-sided screen then displays where the product for each ticket is specified.

Note: Products having a combined quantity greater than zero may be combined or split.

For each new ticket, identify either the Grower/Field ID or the customers involved and enter the quantity of product for each new ticket. The total of all the new tickets must equal the quantity on the old tickets. The ticket numbers of the new tickets will be the next consecutive numbers available.

There is no change in the inventory value since the new tickets must equal the quantity of the old.

Split with Negative Quantities

Delivery Tickets with negative quantities can be split out using the following procedure:

  1. Enter the TOTAL negative quantity on the first ticket in the split out.
  2. Go through the rest of the tickets assigning the appropriate share of the negative product(s) to each.
  3. After setting up all the tickets, use the Back button to navigate to the first ticket.
  4. Change the quantity of the negative line item(s) to that customer's appropriate share of the negative product and Save.