Agvance Data Link

The Agvance Data Link option, found at Hub / Transfers / Import / Agvance Data Link, provides a database of product information that may be used to populate the required data fields, other data fields, and update some existing data fields in Agvance. This data is sourced from an industry-wide database containing thousands of products uploaded by over 50 manufacturers.


Optionally search by product information or by using the GTIN.


  • Product Name – Enter the product name in the box then choose Exists Anywhere or Starts With.
  • Company Name – Choose the drop-down arrow to select from a hard-coded list of companies to search.
  • Package Level – Choose the drop-down arrow to select from a hard-coded list of package levels.
  • Active Only – Check the box to search only for active products.
  • Product Type – Check the box or boxes for the type of product to search.


A product can also be searched by entering the Global Trade Identification Number.


Products that are not linked in Agvance

Results of the search display in this window for products that are not currently linked to Agvance products.

  • Department – Double-click and select the Inventory Department where the product will be added.
  • Add new product – This adds the selected product into the Inventory Department specified in the Agvance data.
  • Link to existing product – This links the new product to an existing product in the Agvance data.

Products that are linked in Agvance

Results of the search display products that already exist in the Agvance data in this window.

  • Master Products – The products from the Master Database display in this window.
  • Agvance Products – The products displayed in this window are currently in the Agvance data.
  • Link Additional Product – This links additional products in the Agvance data to the Master product.
  • Elements to update – Choose which elements to update by checking the boxes in the Update column.
  • Update – This updates the selected elements of the current products in Agvance from the Master products information.


  • SST ID Attribute/Reporting ID/Reporting UOM – Double-click to choose the corresponding attribute that was previously setup.