Changing Product Package Size / Treatment on Grower Orders

It is recommended to contact seed representatives to handle package size and treatment changes to eliminate the risk of losing seed.  Agvance does include options available to address package size and treatment changes when needed.


To make changes to existing Grower Orders, use the following steps.

Note: If requesting these changes in separate steps and there is no product currently available on the vendor’s side, the request to decrease the seed supply would be successful and the request for the additional supply would not put the seed back since none is available.

  1. Go to Hub / Transfers / Import / Agvance Data Link to create a new product with the correct package size if it has not already been added.  The GTIN will be needed for this step.
    Note: Do not delete the product with the incorrect package sizing.
  2. To edit the existing grower order containing the seed, go to Accounting / Inventory / Manage Seed Orders / Grower Orders.
  3. Add a new line for the seed with the correct packaging.
  4. Reduce the quantity on the original line of the seed which is being changed.
  5. Add this quantity to the new line of seed added in Step #3.
  6. Use Order to send the changes in the same request.

Note: This process only works when sending the changes in the same request. The Order button must be used on one order. This process will not work using the Request button when issuing package changes out of Agvance.