Data Silo Integration with Agvance

The Data Silo™ Integration with Agvance gives the ability to link Agvance Growers to Data Silo™ Growers. When a Grower is linked to Data Silo, all Farm and Field information will be pushed to Data Silo. This will give the ability to push the following information from Agvance to Data Silo:

  • Farm Names
  • Field Names
  • Field Boundaries
    • The acreage is populated based on the acreage on the Field in Agvance
  • Crop Zones (optionally)
    • The crop zone acreage is the reported area for the crop zone in Agvance Mapping
    • Planting Date is pulled form the most recent planting data in Agvance Mapping
    • Product and Manufacture from planting data is sent, if available

The Data Silo integration with Agvance is one direction - Agvance does not download or import any information from Data Silo.

Setup in Agvance

To set up the Data Silo integration in Agvance, the Retailer Id provided by Winfield will need to be entered at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences on the DataSilo tab on the API tab.

Select Save then navigate to Hub / Setup / Crop Maintenance. Select each crop and Edit. In the lower right choose the correct Data Silo Crop to be linked to the currently edited crop. Select Save.

To link Agvance Growers to Data Silo Growers, select Link Growers at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences on the API tab. A grid displays the Data Silo Growers linked with Agvance Growers.

All Growers set up in the Data Silo Account will show in the grid. The growers can be linked to Agvance Growers by double-clicking in the Agvance column and choosing the corresponding Grower.

After all Growers are linked, information can be uploaded to Data Silo at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences by selecting Upload Agvance Information on the API tab.

Following the upload, a log with errors or issues that were encountered during the upload process may be generated. The log provides information on the cause of the issue and what Grower, Farm, Field, Crop Zone encountered the issue. If errors are encountered, confirm that all the Eligibility criteria in the next section are met. If these criteria are met the upload can be run a second time which will allow Agvance to attempt to resolve the errors and push the data successfully. If after trying the upload a second time you receive this log with errors again, please save all information from this log window and contact SSI Support for assistance.

Info and Eligibility to Upload Growers

Grower information is not sent to Data Silo. However, a Grower must be linked to a Data Silo Grower for any of that Grower’s Farms, Fields, Boundaries, or Crop Zones to be eligible for upload.


Farms are uploaded to Data Silo if they meet the following criteria:

  • Farms must have a farm description
  • Farms must have a unique description within its Grower
  • Farm must have at least one Field assigned to it


Fields are uploaded to Data Silo if they meet the following criteria:

  • Fields must have a field description
  • Fields must have a unique description within its farm
  • Field must be active in Agvance


Any existing boundary for a Field that is under a Field and Farm that meet the Field and Farm conditions will be uploaded.

Crop Zones

Crop zones will be updated to Data Silo if they meet the following criteria:

  • Crop Zones must have an eligible boundary in Agvance Mapping
  • The Crop Zone must be active
  • The crop year for the Crop Zone must be less than 10 years old from the current year and no more than 2 years in the future
  • Crop Zones are optionally sent, there is a preference that defaults on at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences on the API tab.