Add Purchase Order Request

The Purchase Order Request is an approval process for the purchase of specific Products.  Once the request is entered, approval or denial must be done by a user set as a PO approver. Approvers must first be set up. Approved requests may be imported into a Purchase Order. 

PO Approvers

This area at Accounting / Setup / Inventory / PO Approvers allows for the selection of users who can approve Purchase Order Requests.

Select Add Row to add a row and then double-click in the User column to choose the User. Select All or the specific Location from the drop-down menu for which this User is authorized to approve. Double-click in the Classification column to select the Product Classification for which the User is authorized to approve.

Approving a Purchase Order Request

Purchase Order Requests can only be approved by those marked as PO Approvers shown above.

Approvers can receive a notification when a Purchase Order Request has been added by selecting the appropriate time on the Notify me every X minutes of all open purchase order requests I can approve drop-down found by adding/editing a User at Hub / Setup / Users. For example, if this is set to 20, the Approver will receive a notification of any new Purchase Order Requests every twenty minutes.  

A Purchase Order Request must be approved before it is available to be imported into a Purchase Order. 

PO Request Detail

  • Date – Enter the date of the request.
  • P.O. Request # – Requests may be auto-numbered or the request number can manually be entered in this area.
  • Approved By – When the request is approved, the approver displays in this area.
  • Vendor – Double-click and select the vendor to be used for the request. The selected vendor may be edited until the request is marked as Approved. After the request is approved, only those set as PO Approvers are allowed to edit the Vendor.
  • Customer – Optionally double-click and select the Customer that requested this Product. Direct Ship requests require a Customer be selected.
  • Approver Comments – Optional comments may be entered by whomever is approving this request in this area.
  • Request Notes – Notes may optionally be entered in this area to give the approver additional information about the request.
  • Order Completed – This option is disabled when adding a PO Request. It is enabled after the request is saved. Selecting this closes out the request.
  • Direct Ship – If an order is to be shipped directly from the Vendor to the Customer, this option informs the approver. Selecting this option requires a Customer to be selected before the request may be saved.
  • Approved – For users listed as PO Approvers, this option will be enabled. The approver selects this option and the request is available to be imported into a Purchase Order.
  • Declined – For those listed as PO Approvers, this option is enabled. If the request is being denied, the PO Approver can select this option which closes out the request.
  • Price By – If the unit price is to be entered for each line in the grid, select the $/Unit option. Once the $/Unit is entered, selecting Apply calculates the $Total amount and a total dollar amount for the request. The $/Total option should be used when the total amount for that product is known. After the total price is entered, choosing Apply back-calculates the $/Unit for the Product and sums the line items on the request.
  • Delivery Type – Select from Delivery or Pickup for the request. This information carries through to the Purchase Order if the Purchase Order is created from the Purchase Order Request.
  • Pickup/Delivery Location Name – Double-click to select the Location for the pickup or delivery. This information carries through to the Purchase Order if the Purchase Order is created from the Purchase Order Request.
  • Create PO – This option is enabled for approved Purchase Order Requests. Selecting this option and choosing Save creates a Purchase Order from saving the Purchase Order Request.

Ship To

  • ID – Optionally double-click and select a Location where the requested Product should ship.
  • Name, Address – If a Location is selected in the ID area, this information is automatically completed with the name and address of the selected Location. Optionally, a name and address could also be keyed in if the Product is to ship to a different address.
  • GLN – If a Global Location Number exists for the Ship To address, enter it here. This information is used in electronic messages to inform trading partners about locations.