Warehouse Overview

The Warehouse App is available for use on a phone or tablet in both iOS and Android. This powerful app offers real-time access to inventory levels and customer orders. Easily receive and verify incoming shipments, create, assign, and load outbound tickets, and perform physical inventory counts and adjustments all within the app making managing inventory more efficient and accurate.

SKY authentication can be used when logging in which allows MFA to be utilized as well as using the same login used for SKY.

View the Warehouse Fact Sheet here.

Download App to Device

This app must be downloaded from either Google Play (Android) or the iTunes App store (iOS). Use the Search feature in each application and type in Agvance Warehouse. Download from the app store.


Before logging in, a Database ID must be entered. Speak with an SSI Support Representative for assistance with this information.


Once downloaded to the device, tap on the icon to open. The Sign-in screen displays. Use Agvance credentials to sign into the app. Upon signing into the app, the Warehouse Home Page is displayed. The current user logged into the app and the default location for the user are listed.


The Authentication method determines the credentials used when logging into the Warehouse app.

  • Agvance – This is the recommended authentication method. Selecting this option uses current Agvance credentials to log in.