AP POs for Approval


This option, found at A/P / AP Purchase Orders for Approval, is only visible to A/P PO Approvers and displays A/P Purchase Orders. The orders may be filtered by Requester, Location, or Status. The Show All Approvers option allows viewing all A/P POs instead of only the those created by the approver's requester group.


A process may be set to allow specific users to approve AP POs. This requires setup, but once the setup is complete, the approver can easily see the AP POs requiring their attention.

The setup for this process is company-based. These rules apply if the Requester Group window has data populated. If no data is populated in that grid, the PO approval process does not occur.


A Requester Group is a collection of employees who may add AP Purchase Orders. Requester Groups are set up at Hub / Setup / Users by selecting the Requester Groups button. A user may only be added to one group. All users in the group must have an email address on the Profile tab of the user file to be able to save the changes.

A/P PO Approvers

Employees with authority to approve A/P Purchase Orders are established at Setup / A/P / AP PO Approvers. Once set up, when an A/P Purchase Order is entered, all approvers who can authorize the A/P Purchase Order receives an email that the A/P Purchase Order is available for review.

  • Approver – Double-click to select the employee allowed to approve A/P Purchase Orders.
  • Threshold – Enter the minimum dollar amount that requires approval. A/P Purchase Orders under this threshold are automatically approved.
  • Requester Group – Double-click to select the Requester Group which is a user classification that includes all the users whose requests may be approved by this approver.

Approving AP POs

Open AP Purchase Orders needing approval are found at Accounting / A/P / AP Purchase Orders for Approval. AP Purchase Orders may be filtered for Status (All, Pending, or Approved), Location, Requester, and Approver. Only users listed as AP PO Approvers have the option to accept or decline.

If one or more requestor groups have been established, only users in the Requestor Group may add AP Purchase Orders. AP Purchase Orders have Approved and Declined checkboxes that may be viewed by requestors. Only AP PO Approvers may edit these options.

The Approved and Declined checkboxes can only be viewed when editing after the AP Purchase Order is saved.

AP Purchase Orders cannot be approved while being added. However, an AP Purchase Order under $ Threshold is auto-approved. An approver may approve the AP Purchase Order by editing or by using the AP Purchase Orders for Approval window. Once the AP Purchase Order is marked as Approved, it is no longer able to be edited and can only be imported into an AP Bill or voided. If an AP Purchase Order is declined, it is marked as Processed. A declined (processed) PO cannot be voided.

Approved AP Purchase Orders are available to import into an AP Bill.

Import AP PO into AP Bill

When adding an AP Bill, the AP Purchase Order may be imported by selecting Import PO.

Only approved AP Purchase Orders are available to import.

Once imported, the PO number is referenced on the AP Bill.