Combo Statement

The Combo Statement includes both Regular and Prepay activity on the same report. The many optional features allow flexibility in determining how the statement will look. See also Combo Statement Options.

The Combo Statement is found at Accounting / Reports / Accounts Receivable / A/R Status.

Some features of the Combo Statement include payment detail, imported ticket numbers, a detailed Sales Class recap, Prepay and Booking recaps, and the Include Grain Balances and Include Grain Settlement Activity options.

Sales may be grouped by the Sales Class of the first Product on each Invoice. Select Setup Groups to set up and order the groups. Each group contains all line items for any Invoice whose first line item belongs in that group.

For example, this grouping is a way to see agronomy activity separate from feed and propane activity.

Select Group Xrefs to assign a Statement Group to each Sales Class.

When the Combo Statement is set to Print, the Print Job Size drop-down is available. If a large number of customers are selected to print, using this selection reduces the amount of printer spooling time before the job begins to print. To break the print job into smaller batches of Customers without manually selecting groups of Customers for separate runs, select one of the options from the drop-down.

With so many options available, SSI recommends running the statement with different combinations of criteria to decide what works best.

Note: The * printed next to the amount in the Regular column indicates the Product resides in a discountable department.