View Only in SKY Dispatch

Users set to View Only for Dispatch in SKY Admin can view jobs in List View and Schedules view, change Layers, etc. However, this prevents things like assigning or unassigning jobs, updating ticket details, reassigning jobs, etc.

View Only users do not have access to the following:


  • All messaging capability is unavailable

List View

  • Changing Primary or Secondary Applicators
  • Options under the Ellipsis of the Search toolbar
    • Deselect All
    • Set jobs to ready
    • Set jobs to on hold
    • Generate Automated Blender File(s)
    • Send files
    • Set Ship Via(s)
  • Assign/Unassign jobs
  • Changing job Status
  • Changing Request Date
  • Selecting multiple jobs

Job Details

  • Generating automated blender files
  • Make any edits
  • Set Ship From and Sell From


  • Drag and reorder jobs
  • Select All and Unassign All
  • Right-click menu