Blend Jobs in Schedules View - SKY Dispatch

It is recommended to display the List View and Schedules View using dual monitors as they work in conjunction with one another. Use the Filters menu or Search field to narrow down jobs and the Viewing menu to switch between Blend and Delivery Tickets.

Blend Tickets Search Bar

  • More Information – This displays information for all selected jobs including Product Totals, Work Type Totals, and Crop Totals (if applicable). Primary and Secondary assignees can be indicated here for Blend Tickets. Select Save Product Totals as PDF to download totals as a PDF file.
  • Selected Job Information – View information related to the selected job(s).
  • Show Layers Panel – This area provides display options for General Layers, Global Layers, Job Map Visibility Options, Weather Layers, and Job Data Label Options. Use the Job Label Clustering Distance Threshold to determine the number of labels appearing on the map. Turning on the Integrations toggle shows Integration Devices turned on under Personalize on the General tab.
    When the Radar option is selected, a legend displays at the bottom of the map to give more information on the data displayed.
    Note: Turning on the Field Entrances toggle gives the option to Include all Non Field Features below.
  • Dock Search Bar – Opt to dock the search bar to the right, left, or top of the screen.
  • More Options – Choose the Ellipsis to Deselect All, Set Jobs To (Ready or On Hold), Export Documents, Generate Automated Blender File(s), Set Sell/Ship From, Manage Custom Tags, Send Files, or Set Ship Via(s).
  • Drag Search Bar – Select and drag to move the search bar to a different area.


The Schedules window displays real time updates of applicator locations and job clusters. This information can be viewed in either Map or Satellite view.

The Schedules view shows applicator schedules and allows the option to reassign and reorder jobs.

The full Field boundary on the map can be displayed along with the Application Zone from SKY Mapping to help direct the Applicator to the Application Zone.

Turn on Application Zones on the Layers tab of the Search bar to enable this view.

White field boundaries indicate unassigned jobs while yellow indicates assigned jobs.

Jobs can be selected either by selecting the job on the List View window or by using the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in on a field boundary. Selecting the field or Customer/Field label selects that job. Selected fields are indicated with a blue border.

Selecting an area on the map and holding or right-clicking gives the ability to see current weather conditions for that precise location.

A message displays on the map informing the number of Blend Jobs with no geo-coded Fields.

Turn on the Vehicles option to view the progress of specific jobs. Applicator icons display to show location. After 6 hours of being inactive, the icon is removed. Breadcrumbs will display on the map.

Global Layers from SKY Mapping display on the map.

Schedules Menu

Expand the Schedules menu by selecting the menu slider and dragging up and down. Double-clicking on the menu slider opens the menu to what it was last expanded. Double-clicking again will minimize the menu.

Jobs are assigned in the order they are selected.

Filter Applicators by using the Filter Applicators field. Optionally select the Condense Job Details toggle to view less or more job information.

  • Choose Select All to choose all of an Applicator’s jobs. Choosing Unassign All removes those jobs from that Applicator and updates List View accordingly.
  • Use the navigation under Condense Job Details to jump to a certain date or get back to today's date without having to go through each day individually. Additionally, select the Calendar icon on the right to go to a specific date.
  • Drag and drop jobs to either assign to other Applicators or to change the order jobs are to be completed and select Save Job Order. Additionally, jobs can be dragged to the right to schedule the next day.
  • Right-click jobs in the menu to move to End of Day, Beginning of Day, Tomorrow, 2 Days Out, Select Another Date, Add Secondaries, or to Unassign job(s).

Note: Jobs In Process cannot be reassigned.