Discount Program Statement

A Statement may be used to summarize or monitor a customer’s business by month or year. It can also be used to help reconcile accounts at the end of the season and to Invoice/credit discounts to customers.

  • Stmt. Customer – This allows specific customers to be selected.
  • Select Programs – Select one or more of the established programs if the report should be limited to specific programs, or run the report for All programs.
  • Setup Disc. – Add new Discount Programs or edit existing programs including dates, discountable products, and discount amounts.
  • Prepay Payment Range – This is the date range of Prepay payments to be included. Normally, this would follow the date range established on the program discounts.
  • Include Additional Dataset – Prior year data may optionally be included.
  • If Paid By / Discount % – This allows a cash discount to be offered/displayed at the end of the statement. Enter the criteria for any cash discounts that are offered.
  • Cumulative discount groups – Check this option to ensure tiered discount layering takes effect on the Statement. If the program discounts should be shown on the Statement but not layered, leave this unchecked.
  • Sort By – Select the option by which the statement information should be sorted.
  • Include – Choose to include Invoices, Prepaid Bookings, Non-Prepaid Bookings, or any combination of the three. If the Excel File option is used, then the Delivery Tickets not Booked option is enabled. Additionally, options are available to include Plans which might be helpful in forecasting discounts. Select No Plans, Approved Plans, Not Approved Plans, or All Plans.
  • Comments – Comments typed in this area print at the bottom of the Statement.
  • Load Set/Save Set – Screen options for this function may be saved by using Save Set and then later can be retrieved by using Load Set.

The Statement is divided into four sections:

  • Prepay Payments – This section displays all Prepay payments taken on Bookings that include the eligible products designated on the Discount Program setup and the total dollars for the payments. Any discount taken at the time of the Prepay payment is displayed.
  • Activity – This area displays all Invoices and Bookings that include the eligible products designated on the Discount Program setup and the total dollars for this activity.
  • Groups – This displays all available discounts for each Statement Subtotal Group set on the Discount Program. It calculates the subtotal after the discounts are considered, subtracts payments and discounts previously applied, and displays the balance.
  • Cash Discount Information – This section displays a cash discount amount calculated based on the information set at the Statement Report Criteria screen. The cash discount is subtracted from the balance in the Groups section and gives total dollars due at this time with all discounts, Prepay payments, and activity taken into account.