Surcharge - Payments

There is a method available to assess surcharges on Pay Methods subject to those surcharges.

Rather than an AR Invoice being created and paid for the surcharge, this method assesses the surcharge and adds the amount to the Pay Method subject to the surcharge. The surcharge posts to the GL account specified for the surcharge Pay Method.

The surcharge does not affect the customer’s balance.

This applies to the standard Payment on Accounts (RegularPrepay, and Budget), the standard Roll Thru payment, and the optional Display Amount due on roll thru POA window.

When the preference is turned on, all payments subject to surcharges will function as stated above. There will be no mixture of the previous way and this method when adding payments.


  • FTM-2055 / Surcharge Method – This method, Surcharges - Payment Only, can be enabled at Accounting / Setup / Preferences / A/R in the Payments section.
    Selection of the Pay Method is required when this preference is checked.
    Note: The Pay Method selected is not eligible for selection on Payment on Accounts windows.
    The Payment Receipt default label for surcharges is Credit Card Surcharge Fee but can be changed.

Regular Payment on Account

  • FTM-2101 / Surcharges Regular Payment – For Regular, Prepay, or Budget payments when Pay Method(s) are selected that are subject to a surcharge, the surcharge amount is calculated based on the surcharge percentage for the Pay Method. The surcharge displays in the Surcharge Amount in the header of the payment and in the Pay Method grid on the surcharged Pay Method(s).

    Behind the scenes, the Surcharge Pay Method selected in the Preference section is added as a Pay Method for a negative amount but that Pay Method is not visible in the Pay Method grid on the add of the payment. (This is visible when the payment is edited.)

    If a surcharged Pay Method is selected, the number of Pay Methods is restricted to two because the 3rd Pay Method will be the Surcharge Pay Method.

    Note: If the calculated surcharge amount is a negative, the surcharge Pay Method amount will be positive

    If the Surcharge Pay Method (from Preferences) is not active for the location of the payment, the payment is stopped and the following message displays: You have selected a pay method that is subject to a surcharge. However, the surcharge pay method is inactive for the location of this payment. Please edit the surcharge pay method and set to Active.

Add of Payment - Surcharge Pay Method does not Display in Pay Method Grid

Edit of Payment - Surcharge Pay Method Displays in Pay Method Grid

Roll-Thru Payment on Account

  • FTM-2102 / Roll-Thru Payment Window – When the Surcharge - Payment Only preference is turned on, Surcharge columns display in the grid.

Change Due Roll Thru Payment on Account

  • FTM-2103 / Change Due Payment Window – When the Surcharge – Payment Only preference is turned on, new Surcharge columns display in the grid.

Payment Receipt

  • FTM-2054 / Surcharges on Payment Receipt – When the Surcharges – Payment Only preference is turned on, the payment receipt is changed. The amount applied to the customer’s account is indicated along with the surcharge amount and the total of the two.