Heartland Online Payment Setup

Online credit card payments can be made by growers in the Grower360 app. Setup is required in both Agvance and Agvance SKY before online credit card payments can be processed. A relationship with Heartland Payment Processing must also be established prior to setting up.

Agvance Setup

  1. Go to Hub / Setup / Company Preferences / API.
  2. On the Agvance API tab, choose the Agvance User to be associated with transactions taken from Grower360. Select Save.
  3. Go to Accounting / Setup / A/R / Pay Methods and choose Add Row to set up the Pay Method to be used on the online credit card payments. Select OK.
    Note: The Pay Method can be set up using any name, Short Description, and Long Description. The GL Account for each location must be selected when setting up the new Pay Method. The Pay Method can be made inactive for locations not allowing online credit card payments by marking the Inactive checkbox on the G/L Posting tab of the Location profile at Accounting / Setup / Locations.

Agvance SKY Setup

  1. Log into Agvance SKY, then select Admin.
  2. Choose Grower360 from the left navigation menu.
  3. Select Setup on the Online Payments card.
  4. Toggle the Heartland option to On. This will toggle all options below to On. Switch any toggles to Off as needed.
    Note: Agvance ACH Payments and Heartland cannot both be on at the same time.
  5. Select the + icon to enter the Heartland API Keys.
    • Select Key Type – Choose Company-Wide Key to enter a single key to be used for every location OR select a specific location to set up individual keys for locations.
    • Public API Key – This must be obtained from Heartland.
    • Private API Key – This must be obtained from Heartland.
      Note: When obtaining keys from Heartland, ensure the keys being copied are the Production Keys. Select Show Public Key and Show Secret Key to copy and paste the appropriate keys.
  6. Select Save.
    Note: API Keys for Heartland will not be visible after being entered for security purposes. If edits or changes to the key need to be made, delete the original key and select the + icon to re-enter the information.
  7. From the Credit Card Pay Method drop-down, select the pay method set up in Agvance for Heartland credit card payments.
  8. Optionally, select a pay method from the Surcharge Pay Method drop-down. This option is required for surcharging credit card payments.
    Note: Best practice is to select a method different than the credit card pay method to more easily identify surcharges on the Agvance Payment Register.
  9. Enter a transaction limit for credit card transactions in the ($) Transaction Limit field. This is an optional setting that will stop single credit card transactions exceeding the specified limit. If not using transaction limits, enter 0.
  10. Enter a surcharge percentage for transactions in the (%) surcharge field. This is an optional setting that will automatically apply the specified surcharge amount to all credit card transactions. The amount entered here must follow individual state guidelines for surcharging payments and cannot exceed 4%. If not using surcharges, enter 0.
  11. Enter payment term verbiage in the Add Payment Terms field. This is required for credit card payments and will be visible to the customer during the credit card payment process.
  12. When all the necessary credit card options are selected, choose Save New Settings.

If accepting ACH payments through Grower360, that authorization language for the ACH should be included here to display to the customer from the Payments screen in Grower360. See the following as an example:

By submitting a payment, I authorize my bank to debit my specified account for the amount of my payment. This is a one-time payment which will occur on the next business day or as soon as practical thereafter.
If my payment cannot be completed for any reason, including insufficient funds or error in the information which I submitted, I will retain the same liability, which is my sole responsibility, for payment as though I had not attempted to make the payment. I also understand that additional fees and penalties may be collected to the extent of applicable law.

This exact language does not have be used, but similar terms must be spelled out for customers to access from Grower360.