Surcharge on Credit Card Payments

A processing fee surcharge may be applied to customers in Agvance. This surcharge is based on the Pay Method type set up for each location. 

Using surcharges this way is only available for regular Payments on Account and Quick Tickets. In order for surcharges to be applied on Prepay Payments, Budget Payments, or Roll Thru Payments, see Surcharge - Payments.


Add or edit a Location at Accounting / Setup / Locations and go to the G/L Posting tab. In the Pay Methods grid, select the Surcharge option for the pay methods that should include a surcharge, and enter a percentage in the Rate column.

On the Preferences tab, select a Surcharge Product.

Note: Each location utilizing the surcharge functionality should have this information setup.

After setup, the Accounting / A/R / Payments / Payment on Accounts window displays additional surcharge options. 

  1. Enter the Payment Amount as the amount being paid not including the Surcharge Amount.
  2. Select the appropriate Pay Method. The Apply Surcharge option will automatically be checked based on setup above and the Surcharge amount will be calculated.
  3. Change the Payment amount in the grid to match the Payment Amount from Step 1.
  4. Select Apply then choose Save.

It is recommended to verify the local regulations for applying surcharges before using this function.

An Invoice will be created and paid for the surcharge amount.