SKY Payments Setup

Payments can be made via the Agvance SKY Customer application by completing the Sky Payments setup page.

Payment Processors

Toggle the Heartland option to On to allow for online credit card payments through Heartland. When the Heartland option is toggled to On for the first time, the Heartland API key setup window automatically displays. However, the + icon can be selected at any time to enter or edit the Heartland API keys. Heartland API keys are provided by Heartland. For security purposes, API keys will not be visible after being entered. If edits or changes to the key need to be made, delete the original key and select the + icon to re-enter the information.

Location Posting

Set up posting information for each location. Choose the pay method set up in Agvance for ACH payments in the Credit Card Pay Method drop-down. This is required for all credit card payments through Sky Customer.

Choose the pay method set up for surcharges in Agvance in the Surcharge Pay Method drop-down. This is required if surcharging credit card payments.

Limits and Surcharge

Set up online payment limits and the surcharge amount.

Enter a transaction limit for credit card transactions in the ($) Transaction Limit field. This is an optional setting which will stop single credit card transactions exceeding the specified limit. If not using transaction limits, enter 0.

Enter a surcharge percentage for transactions in the (%) Surcharge field. This is an optional setting that will automatically apply the specified surcharge amount to all credit card transactions. The amount entered here must follow individual state guidelines for surcharging payments and cannot exceed 4%. If not using surcharges, enter 0.

Select Save and proceed to the Users menu where specific SKY Users can be set up to receive payments in SKY Customer.

Visit the SKY Customer Payment files for information on entering a payment via the SKY Customer app.