Supplier eLink Dealer Bucket Customer Setup


In B2B Setup for Supplier eLink, a My Dealer Bucket customer can be selected per Vendor and Location.  When a customer is selected in either area, this customer’s orders will be populated into the Uncommitted column on the respective Dealer Order.


Setup per Location

If only one supplier is being used, setup can be populated at the location.  This customer represents the full Dealer Order for that Location’s My Dealer Bucket Customer.

  1. In B2B, go to Setup / E-Business.
  2. Under the Locations section, make a selection from the Location drop-down.
  3. Double-click in the Cust ID column on the desired Location line.
  4. From the Select Customers window that displays, choose the appropriate Customer to be used.
  5. Select the appropriate Code Type, enter a Value, and optionally select an Alt. Code Type and enter an Alt. Value.
  6. Select Save.

Setup per Vendor

If more than one supplier is to be used, setup can be populated for a Vendor. The My Dealer Bucket customer selected is used when reviewing the uncommitted seed on the Dealer Order.  This allows for the ability to indicate which Customer should represent the Location’s order per Vendor, eliminating the need to adjust which customer needs to be reviewed.

  1. In B2B, go to Setup / Seed Orders and locate the MyDealerBucket column.
  2. Double-click in the MyDealerBucket column on the desired Vendor line.
  3. From the My Dealer Bucket Selections window that displays, choose the appropriate Location from the Location drop-down and the Customer to be used for the selected Location from the CustID drop-down.
  4. Choose Ok to save the selected Location and Customer on the My Dealer Bucket Selections window, then Save on the Setup Seed Orders window.