SKY Notifications

In order to manage Subscriptions, the option must be enabled in SKY Admin under Task Center. Select the Subscribe to All checkbox when subscribing to receive every Notification or Task of that type.

Subscriptions will need managed for each individual Task and Notification type.

  1. Select + Add Rule to set up Customer Parameters. 
  2. Specify Salespeople, Location(s), and/or Customer Classification(s).
    • The Salesperson setting will look at the salesperson selected on the Customer Profile tab in Agvance.
    • Customers with the selected Location(s) set as the default on their profile are included.
    • Any customers who are members of the Agvance Customer Classification(s) selected will be included.
  3. Select Save Rule when finished.
  4. After Subscriptions have been set up, use the Ellipsis to Edit Rule, Show Customers, or Delete Rule
    • Show Customers displays a full list of the customers for whom notifications will be received.


Tasks are notifications that have an associated action item. Tasks include Plan Approvals, Service Requests, Energy Order Requests, and Reorder Products Requests.

Plan Approval

Receive tasks to update the Plan status when Plans are approved from Grower360.

  • The Plan must be flagged as Visible in Grower360.
  • The Grower must log in and respond to the Plan from Grower360 to initiate the notification in SKY.
  • In SKY, Approve Plan or View Plan.

See Notifications in SKY and Grower360 for more information.

Service Requests

Receive tasks to start orders when field services are requested from Grower360. See here for more on Field Service Requests.

  • The toggle must be turned on in SKY Admin to allow Growers to see the Field Service Requests button from Fields in Grower360.
  • The Grower will select a field or fields then the type of service request.
  • Submitting the request will send a notification in SKY to any subscribed users.

Energy Order Requests

Receive tasks to start orders when Energy orders are requested from Grower360. 

This serves as a notification with the option to Mark Resolved. This gives the ability to enter a note indicating how the order was handled (i.e., A PDO was created or Salesman was contacted). The note added can also be referenced from the notifications list.

Reorder Products Requests

Receive tasks to reorder Products when Product reorders are requested from Grower360.

  • The toggle must be turned on in SKY Admin to allow Growers to see the reorder Products in Grower360.
  • The Grower will reorder the Products from the Invoice, Bookings, or Products pages in Grower360.
  • Submitting the request will send a notification in SKY to any subscribed users.

Notifications Only

Notifications Only are information notifications with no action needed. Notifications Only includes Booking Contract Signed, Grain Purchase Contract Signed, Prepayments, and Payment Failures.

Booking Contract Signed

Receive notifications a Booking Contract has been signed in Grower360.

  • The Booking needs to be saved in Agvance with a Contract Type and Seller Signature applied.
  • The Grower will receive a notification that a Booking is available to sign.
  • The Grower can then log into Grower360 and electronically sign the Booking.
  • A notification goes to subscribed SKY users indicating the Booking has been signed.

Grain Purchase Contract Signed

Receive notifications when a Grain Purchase Contract is signed in Grower360.

  • A notification is sent to subscribed SKY users indicating a Grain Purchase Contract has been electronically signed.
  • The notification includes the Contract Number, Grower Name, Account ID, and a link to view the Purchase Contract within Customer.


Receive notifications when a prepayment has been submitted in Grower360.

Once a Prepayment is posted successfully, a notification is sent to subscribed Agvance users including the following:

  • Grower Name
  • Account ID (Cust ID)
  • Agvance Payment Number
  • $ Amount of Prepay
  • Pay Method
  • Bookings paid (if applicable)
    • If no Bookings were paid, it will state Payment sent to Unapplied Cash.

A link is also available to view the specific payment within SKY Customer.

Payment Failures

Receive notifications when a payment has failed in Grower360.

If a payment fails, a notification is sent to subscribed Agvance users including the following:

  • Attempted By (Name of who attempted the payment)
  • Customer 
  • Amount
  • Pay Method
  • Payment Failure (failure message)

Notifications Panel in SKY

In SKY, a notification will show on the Bell icon.

Upon selecting the icon, Pending Tasks display.

Select Mark as Read to keep the count of unread notifications up-to-date. The Settings icon can be chosen to manage Subscription Settings.

Select View Task Center to view all Tasks/Notifications and use the Search field to display a specific notification. Turning off the View Notifications toggle will display only Tasks set up under Subscriptions in My SKY Account. Task Center information can be found here.