Grower360 Fields - SKY Admin

Field service requests can be managed for Grower360 under Grower360 in SKY Admin. Select Setup to view and manage field service request options.

Selecting the Service Requests toggle on the Fields page allows Grower360 users to quickly request services, such as product application, for fields from within Grower360.

  • Refer to SKY Notifications for more information on managing Subscriptions.
  • Additionally, at least one SKY account must be set up to receive notifications from a Grower360 user in order for the Request Services option to display on a field from within Grower360.

FSA Data

Turn this toggle on to allow Growers to enter FSA data on fields in Grower360.

SKY Mapping Layer Settings

Turn toggles off or on to determine to indicate what Growers have access to in Grower360. If choosing to turn one of the toggles on for As Applied Layer Settings, Soil Sample Layer Settings, and/or Harvest Layer Settings, indicate visibility for the specific options that display.