Sending Notifications SMTP Settings

When sending out Grower360 or SKY notifications, the sender email will display as {company_subdomain} unless SMTP settings are set in Agvance at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences.

  • Apply and SKY Dispatch use SMTP settings from Agvance if available. If not, the email will come from
  • The Grower360 Welcome invite emails will never use SMTP. They will always come from
  • The Grower360 Reset Password emails will never use SMTP. They will come from {company_subdomain}

If SMTP settings are set up in Agvance and port 25 is being used, Grower360 notifications (Contracts, Notifications, Bookings, etc.) will not send.

If all information in the Mail Host section is populated (and correct), emails will come from the address listed in the Address field in the Mail Host Email area. The Port must be encrypted port 587 for SKY notifications to be sent. If using port 25 (unencrypted port), SKY notifications will not send.

If the SMTP is not set up properly or fails to send the email, the {company_subdomain} format will be used.

Note: If Port 25 is selected, connecting to the SMTP host will time out. It will NOT fail back to the other format and the Grower360 notifications will not be delivered.