Plan Approval Notifications in SKY and Grower360

Receive tasks to update the Plan Status when Plans are approved from Grower360.


  1. Go to the user drop-down and select My SKY Account.
  2. Select Manage on the Subscriptions card.
  3. Under Plan Approvals, select + Add Rule.
  4. Select one or more Salespeople, Location(s), and/or Customer Classification(s) by selecting in the respective field and choosing from the drop-down menu. Notifications will be received for customers falling into the parameters selected. Select Save Rule when finished.
  5. Choose the Ellipsis icon to Edit Rule, Show Customers, or Delete Rule. Selecting Show Customers will give a preview of the list of accounts from which notifications will be received.
  6. Go to Customer or Order to view Plans. If the Visible in G360 column says Yes, that Plan will show on the Field in Grower360. If needed, select in the Visible in G360 column to update. Optionally multi-select Plans to change the Visible in G360 column in bulk.

A few steps need to take place by the grower in Grower360:

  1. In Grower360, after selecting the Field, choose Select in the Response column. Choose Approve or Decline and enter any additional Comments. Select Send. This will update the Response to column and send a notification to anyone subscribed to the customer accounts on that Plan in SKY.

Back in SKY:

  1. In SKY, a notification will show on the Bell icon. Select the icon to see if the Plan has been approved or declined and view any comments the grower included. From here, choose to View Plan or Approve Plan from the Notifications panel
    Note: Selecting View Plan will open the Plan in Customer where the Status can be changed to approved by selecting in the Status column and updating from the pop-up. Selecting Approve Plan will update the Status of the Plan in SKY and Grower360.