Personalize - SKY Dispatch

The Personalize tab allows the option to filter and choose which Locations’ jobs are visible as well as choosing Applicators the user is responsible for tracking.


Use the Ellipsis to display Applicators, Delivery Drivers, or Integrated Devices.

Choose the Applicators/Delivery Drivers to display in the Filters menu of the List View or Schedules screens by turning the toggle switch(es) on or off. 

Applicators/Delivery Drivers can be filtered by selecting Filters in the search bar and choosing Show All, Show All Turned On, Show All Turned Off, or by specifying a Location from the drop-down. Once options here are indicated, choose Apply Changes. Reset to Default can be selected after changes have been applied to return to the default filters.

Toggles for the Integrated Devices determine which devices display on the map.


Filter locations by typing in the Search field. Choose the locations’ jobs to view as options in the Filters menu by turning the toggle switch on or off.

Custom Filters

Create filters for Crop, Crop Chemistry, Type of Work, and/or Ship via. To add a new filter, select + New Crop Filter, + New Crop Chemistry Filter, + New Type of Work Filter, or + New Ship Via Filter and complete the necessary information. Select the Trash Can icon to remove any filters added.