Scale Ticket Level Management - Mass Edit Ownership Values Utility


In Grain, there are two modes of operation: The Standard mode where Scale Tickets are directly associated to the Assembly, and Scale Ticket Level Management where Scale Tickets have an independent relationship to the Assembly. Setup for these two modes is inherently different and therefore they are not interchangeable within Grain.

The information listed in this document is specific to the Scale Ticket Level Management mode of operation.

The Mass Edit Ownership Values utility allows Scale Ticket split arrangements to be changed to a different split arrangement. At the same time the Assembly #, Farm ID, Field ID, DPR, Shrink Schedule, Dock Schedule, Drying Schedule, and Freight Percent can be changed.


Using the Mass Edit Ownership Utility

  1. The utility is found at Grain / Utilities / Mass Edit / Ownership Values.
  2. Select Scale Tickets to change the ownership. All selected Scale Tickets will have the same ownership change. Choose Done when all Scale Tickets are selected.
    1. Use filters to help narrow the list of Scale Tickets.
    2. Only Scale Tickets with the same Commodity ID should be selected.
  3. The selected Scale Tickets are loaded into the top grid of the Mass Edit Ownership window.
  4. To load information into the bottom grid, highlight a Scale Ticket in the top grid and select Load Information.
    1. Select the Scale Ticket that contains the information to populate on all other tickets by clicking on the row to highlight it. If the same information should not be populated on multiple tickets, select any Scale Ticket.
    2. Choose View to review the Scale Ticket information on the ticket before selecting it.
    3. If an Assembly is selected the default assembly split information will default into the bottom grid.
    4. If a Farm is selected the farm splits will default into the bottom grid.
  5. Changing ownership on any selected Scale Tickets containing Purchase Contracts requires the use of Remove Contracts from Selected Tickets. This clears the contract(s) and applies the new contract information to the Scale Ticket.
  6. Updating Scale Ticket information:
    1. An Assembly #, Farm ID, and Field ID can be changed on a Scale Ticket if the checkbox is selected.
      1. If Assembly # is checked, the Assembly # must be for the same Commodity and Location.
    2. If no information defaults in the grid or to change the defaulted information, double-click Customer ID to select the Customer(s) of the new split arrangement.
      1. Share%, DPR, Contract, Shrink Schedule, Charge ID (Storage/Service charge), Drying Charge Schedule, and Freight Percent can be changed for the split arrangement.
      2. Changing the Charge ID (Storage/Service Charge schedule) removes any pre-existing charges.
  7. Once split arrangement information is set, choose Save to update the Scale Ticket(s) selected.